The performances by the repertory and the disciples of Guru Ranjana Gauhar are highly appreciated all over the world in various National and International Festivals and find a special place in the telecasting by the TV channels like  DD Bharti, DD International and Lok Sabha TV.


A Dance Drama. Inspired by his vision and his sensitivity to portray “the complete woman” as one who personifies love, courage and substance, Odissi dancer Ranjana Gauhar, pays homage to the genius of Rabindranath Tagore through her presentation of his dance drama Chitrangada.

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Sri Geet Govindam

Sri Jayadeva’s dramatic lyrical poem “Sri Geet Govindam” a love song of the dark lord is described as the last of the ancient and the first of the modern Sanskrit poetry. Jayadeva is universally acknowledged as a writer of the sweetest lyrics in Sanskrit and his creation “Sri Geet Govindam” is a unique work in Indian literature and a source of inspiration for writers , poets and artistes.

The poem is dedicated to the intense and passionate love of lord “Krishna” and “Radha” .

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The dance itself incorporates four Indian classical styles – Odissi, Kathak, Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi. It is, in essence, the retelling of the Ramayana both from an important perspective and in its universality.

Four women of the Ramayana – Sita, Kaikeyi, Surpanakha and Mandodari – each narrates her story, from her individual and deeply personal point of view.

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Ksheer Sagar

Conceived by Utsav-Ranjana’s Dance Academy the dance-presentation “Ksheer Sagar-The Might of the Ocean” weaves together two Indian mythological narratives- Chandrabhaga and The Matsya Avatar.

Though diverse thematically, they portray the might of the Ocean.

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Samarpan – Rashtriya Bhasha Ko Pranam

These dance forms represent the various regions of India and are woven through the song that has been approved by the Gov’t of India to promote the language “Hindi Bharat Maa Ki Bindi”.

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Nal – Damyanti is an animated movie that comes alive with exquisite live action and dance sequences. It also underlines the social message over-coming temptations which leads to misery.

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“Swagatam” is a production integrating and incorporating five styles of Indian Classical dance forms which represent the various regions of India. This production depicts the vibrant tapestry of our country’s rich cultural heritage and the strength it has in igniting the national spirit, pride and unity. It is a representation of India’s unity in diversity.

Matsya Avatar

Matsya Avatar is a dance drama drawn from Indian Mythology which narrates the first ‘Avatar’ in the form of fish, of Lord Vishnu, amongst his ten incarnations. However, the underlying meaning conveys the importance of preserving the environment and saving nature and the fundamental elements necessary to sustain life. Though the story is of pre-historic age, its relevance is as significant in today’s time as in the past and depicts the might of the Ocean, which plays a pivotal role in completing a cycle of time and age.