Ksheer Sagar – The Might of the Ocean

“Chandrabhaga” is a popular mythological story of Odisha. It is about the beautiful daughter of the ocean Chandrabhaga. Spotted by the Sun-God Surya, and God of Love-Kamdev, she is caught in a wager between the two gods. The second part “Matsya Avatar” is an episode drawn from Indian mythology which narrates the first ‘avatar’ of lord Vishnu among his ten incarnations. However, the underlying meaning of these stories conveys the importance of preserving the environment and saving nature and the fundamental elements necessary to sustain life. Though the story is of pre-historic age, its relevance is as significant in today’s times as in the past and depicts the might of the ocean, which plays a pivotal role in completing a cycle of time and age.

Conceived by Utsav-Ranjana’s Dance Academy the dance presentation titled “Ksheer Sagar – The Might of the Ocean” weaves together the two Indian mythological narratives Chandrabhaga and The Matsya Avatar.

  • The Concept and Artistic Director: Padmashree Ranjana Gauhar
  • Duration: 1 hour with live orchestra